2018 promises to be an exciting year for the Old Town, and the Canongate in particular, with a new community facility, The Crannie, opening its doors in Cranston Street.
Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust was successful in its bid to become the community operator of premises at 5-9 Cranston Street, part of the developer Artisan's requirement to deliver a 'community space' within the New Waverley development. 
The Trust's Vision for The Crannie

Our vision is that a sustainable community facility will be established in the heart of the Old Town, improving local residents’ economic, environmental and social future through the development (and potential ownership) of this key asset.  The redeveloped centre will bring local people of all ages and backgrounds together to create a more vibrant, resilient and inclusive community.

The delivery of this project will be firmly rooted in these five key elements of our ethos:

-              Community Led and Run

-              Creating Genuine Change

-              Building on the talents and skills of local people

-              Financially Sistainable

-              Delivered in partnership

Our Purpose

The overall purpose is to create a community centre or 'village hall' providing much-needed and currently absent facilities for local residents. The centre will be a vehicle to develop shared activities, events and networks as well as provide a home for existing activities in the area.

Community development is central to our plan – our specialist staff will work to stimulate activity where there are gaps. The aim is to create community spirit where it is currently lacking. We will build a thriving residential community, bringing together both existing residents and those moving into the new accommodation provided in New Waverley.

Affordable work space in the centre will support local enterprise and provide income to sustain the community development and outreach that this area desperately needs.

Who is it for? What is it for?

The core target area for this project is Canongate and its surroundings but we expect users to travel to the building from across the Old Town and Edinburgh, and it will benefit participants from across the wider city area. 

The project will have the following key outcomes:

1.            A Space to Meet: A hub that stimulates broader community cohesion round a social space

2.            A Space to Work: An affordable place to work, stimulating new business and enterprise locally

3.            A Space for Events: A community centre that offers space that enables things to happen

4.            A Space to Learn: Creating a culture of learning and volunteering that will contribute to employment and resilience. An enabler for new services over time

This project will have a strong focus on community development. Our staff will be involved in delivering services and events that help to build a resilient community of Old Town residents. We will develop a sense of community where it is currently lacking.

Plans are still being worked on with an active and enthusiastic Development Group meeting regularly assisted by professionals as required.
To find out more about The Crannie, or to get involved in making it happen, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to EOTDT, 8 Jackson's Entry, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ.