As requested at the public meeting last week, here are instructions for submitting an objection to the India Buildings development.

IMPORTANT: these will be accepted only until Friday 20 November (midnight, if emailed) - please note that the deadline has been extended.


Your objections can be POSTED, EMAILED or MADE ONLINE (on the Council’s Planning Portal).


The same text in the sample letter can be used for emailing an objection or commenting online. Choose the grounds (linked to the relevant Council policies) on which you wish to object and the order in which they appear; you do not have to object on all these grounds.

Please rewrite and add your own comments as you see fit but be sure to include the application reference and address, your address, the date and the statement ‘I object…’


Postal address (or by hand) is:
Head of Planning and Building Standards,
Services for Communities,
Waverley Court,
4 East Market Street,
Edinburgh, EH8 8BG

TO EMAIL AN OBJECTION:Send to the planning officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sure to copy your objection to councillors and others you know who may also wish to object.


In the search box put 15/04445/FUL

Click on the 'Comments' tab

Add your details and objection (be sure to tick ‘object’)

The same needs to be done for the associated applications 15/04555/CON & 15/04437/LBC

Note: keep a separate record of your objection.

PLEASE EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFORMATION.



Below is a link to a sample objection letter regarding the India Buildings Development in Edinburgh's Old Town.  It is also available in plain text format, on the additional link below that.
Either download or open the PDF link and print, or follow the plain text link and copy and paste what you need.



Edinburgh City Council is hoping that the sale of a derelict yard in Kings Stables Road will result in a "landmark development of shops apartments and hotels".

Why it needs to be a "landmark" when the site is just beneath the Castle is open to question – and does the area need yet another hotel?

The Council is selling the derelict cleansing department yard behind 6 - 20 Kings Stables Road, advertising it as suitable for a "landmark development of shops apartments and hotels".  It would be a very attractive site for a hotel as it is just beneath the Castle with fantastic views – if you don't mind a crick in your neck.

Though why Edinburgh needs more hotels is a mystery to most Old Town residents, especially given that the Radisson on the High Street is currently up for sale.

kings stables road edinburghOfficial planning guidance for the area proposes a mixture of uses, predominantly residential with offices, commercial, retail and hotel. 

In the Trust's view this is a very suitable site for adding to the Old Town's dwindling stock of family housing, a view that’s strongly supported by the Old Town Community Council.

The Council's urban design guidelines for the site include a hypothetical 3D study of building form. This recommends the replacement of the 1960s office block at 20 Kings Stables Road (currently under scaffolding for safety reasons) with a new building of similar height (4/5 storeys), which could be extended to the West and South.

The mainly 2 storey historic buildings lining the South and East sides of the yard are to be restored or replaced at a similar height.  The existing tenements at 6-15 Kings Stables Road (mainly privately owned) will be retained, but with their ground floors, currently empty stores and part of the sale site, used for retail/shopping to enliven the street frontage; a good idea to try and brighten up what can be a dreary, and at night, threatening place for pedestrians.

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In a dramatic pre-Christmas Planning Hearing Councillors voted overwhelmingly (10 to 2) to refuse the application for a 910 capacity super-pub to replace the Charlotte Baptist Chapel at the west end of Rose Street.

Residents, alongside landlords and local businesses, were ecstatic at the campaign success to avoid additional night-time drink-fuelled disturbance in a block which already has seven small pubs. However the episode illustrated the failings of planning officials who recommended granting the application in face of additional objections from the New Town & Broughton Community Council, City Centre Councillors and, remarkably, their own environmental assessment team. The planners had no concern for the increase in reveller antics in a mixed-use city centre area where residents form a significant part.

The message is that New Town and Old Town residents alike need to remain vigilant because, while policies are in place to protect residential amenity, it seems that the pressure of investment of any kind will trump us - a culture which appears to apply equally to the Licensing Board. Not this time.


After the public exhibition of fresh proposals for the southern sites of ‘Caltongate’ the developer Artisan REI has recently submiited a full planning application. Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust (EOTDT) submits the following comments on these planning applications.                                                                                                       

EOTDT is pleased to see that improvements have been made to the proposals submitted by Mountgrange.  However, the Trust stands by its earlier comments made following the public consultation exercise in March 2013. Whilst welcoming the retention of the Canongate Venture, at that time EOTDT expressed its disappointment on a number of issues.

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Following the consultation with elected members, officials, community groups and stakeholders since the first exhibition in October and November, and the workshop with key stakeholders, the developer Artisan have produced ‘further ideas on plans for the site’. They will be exhibiting these at the Canongate Venture Building on Thursday 14 March between 11am and 8pm and on Saturday 16 March 10am and 12.30pm.

They will also be presenting plans that will amend the original office element of the permitted development, which is being submitted as a separate planning application, which comes before the Council's Development Management Sub-Committee for decision on Wednesday 20 March 2013. The Council will hold a hearing before this meeting at which supporters and objectors will have the opportunity to speak. Artisan says ‘The new proposals, which have been informed by consultation from all parties, will reflect a more appropriate scheme for the site.’

Artisan has also distributed an interim report on the consultation prepared by GVA and a report from the workshop facilitator Grant Myles. You can download these documents below. They are also available on the City of Edinburgh Council planning portal: the application reference number is 12/03624/PAN. The report records much critique of the current proposals including the fact that 75% of respondents to the questionnaire were in favour of keeping the Canongate Venture building and its reuse. The idea of bridging across the top of New St also received strong objections.

In a possible contradiction to their efforts to improve the proposed scheme, Artisan have also submitted section 42 applications to extend the existing planning consents for another 3 years and for renewal of the listed building demolition consents – this implies they are not considering any substantial changes to the plans, and are still considering demolition. Go the exhibition and express your comments.